Charlie Mahone

Charlie was born in San Antonio Texas in a strong family of talents, his mom and dad were very involved with The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo every year with their trick horses showing their great talents during his younger years. Charlie was raised with a younger brother and older sister in the city of San Antonio and assisted his dad in helping build a successful business in commercial roofing during the week, and then go to their out of town ranch in Leakey Texas learning to hunt wild game and help tend to their family horses and cows on weekends.
Charlie became very gifted and talented himself growing up in playing football and receiving a scholarship to Texas A&I University College in Kingsville Texas. His football career was short lived after being drafted in the U.S, Army Military while in college. Charlie became a family man with his wife and two children in the early 1970s and was sent to the Vietnam era during the war to Europe. Serving his two year term then was sent back to the U.S.
Charlie came back to start a fresh new life with his family in the 1980s and to begin his own roofing business in San Antonio Texas.He enjoyed playing the sport of Rodeo and Hunting as a hobby.
Tragedy struck in the relationship of himself and his wife which ending in divorce. Not being able to mend their relationship Charlie became more involved in the Sport of Hunting landing him in a career of becoming a sharp shooter supplying exotic game (venison) to white table cloth restaurants all over the world.

In 1993 Charlie Mahone won the in the Senior Pro Rodeo division as a Bareback riding Champion. He had met Sandra Dee, and they started dating and building their relationship, but, in the midst of this relationship Charlie had found he had a small lump come up in his throat which he found to be Cancer due to spit tobacco. This was a battle he couldn’t handle on his own that is when Sandra Dee spoke to him about coming to know Jesus Christ as his healer. Charlie was facing a life and death situation and he chose to accept Jesus as his savior, he got Baptized and started on a new battlefield with the Lord right beside him. In 1995 Charlie had an 11 ½ hour surgery to his throat and radiation to his throat every day for 60 days. Charlie lost 82 pounds and couldn’t speak for about a year, his voice was hoarse and could hardly lift 7 pounds through that year. As the years progressed Charlie had learned that he was not walking a path of Faith by himself but, with the Holy Spirit. As he promises that he would never leave nor forsake you. In 1997 as Charlie was getting stronger in his strength and in his Faith with the Lord another tragedy struck his life, Charlie had received a call in the early morning that his only son had committed suicide at the early age of 27. Little Charles had left a wife (Michelle and son Austin) to have to deal with this tragedy as well. The word of God teaches us that death John 8:8 says that Satan in the “father of lies”.