Life of Champions

Ups and Downs

Charlie and Sandra Dee Mahone have certainly been through the ups and downs of life, from joy to despair, defeat to victory, from battle to battle have come out victors. They have gone from tragedy to triumph. Charlie was the 1993 Senior Pro Rodeo Association National Championship in Bareback Riding Champion. He also won the 2000 National Senior Pro Rodeo Association National Championship in Bareback Riding Champion and Steer Wrestling.

Growing Up

Growing up in Leakey, Texas there were plenty of rodeos in the area. Charlie rode bulls and bareback horses in the 70’s. In 1989-1993 Charlie’s job was to hunt and deliver wildlife (Exotic Meat) for the white tablecloth restaurants and hotels around the world. Charlie was the only person in the United States who hunted with the Federal USDA Meat Inspector. Charlie’s Son, Charlie Jr’. rode bareback horses and traveled with his dad. They were very close as father and son and of course best friends.

Tragedy Struck

In 1995 Charlie discovered a lump on is neck which turned out to be Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Cancer) of the throat. The doctors report was that he would have only 20% chance of living. Most people with this live only 2-5 years at the most. At this writing it has been 16 years ago. Charlie is a living miracle! He did undergo surgery, but he gives all of the credit to the Lord for healing him. Sandra was with him all the way, at his bedside for 5 months praying for him and quoting healing scriptures. She had known Jesus since 1985. During this time Sandra presented the Gospel message to Charlie and he accepted Jesus as his Savior in 1995.
Marriage and a Miracle

Charlie and Sandra were married in 1996. In 1997 (June) the doctors said the cancer was back, but Charlie held onto the healing scriptures he remembered from the earlier battle. When he went in for a biopsy, the cancer was gone and they sent him home healthy and cancer FREE. Praise God! Life was good again. In 1996 Sandra’s son, Shaun at age 20 was stepped on by a bull. His liver was totally smashed. The doctor’s said , “ Your son will die”. She said, “ My son will not die”. The doctor’s allowed Sandra her last visit and announced to the family that Shaun had passed. She told her family, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” (HEB. 1:11) The lord told her that she would see her son alive again in a few hours. Sandra took a nap, then the doctors came running out with their hands up in the air shouting Sandra’s name saying, “ Go see your son, he is alive. Whoever prayed it worked. He is back there eating jello and drinking milk.” Shaun brought back from the dead, totally healed and he is healthy today at age 40. Praise God!
Tragedy Strikes Again

Charlie Jr’., committed suicide at age 27 in August 1997. This set Charlie back. He went to the mountains in Kingman, Az for 7 months trying to get peace with God and regain his life again. Sandra was working in Las Vegas at the time as a Condominium Project Community Director. God restored Charlie back to his joy. In 1999 Charlie broke his wrist riding Bareback horses once again. This was truly his passion. In 2000 he broke 3 ribs, but he came back to qualify and finish the race at the National Rodeo Finals In Nevada. 2 Timothy 4:7 “ I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”