Sandra Dee


In the role of a worship leader at every meeting Sandra Dee has a significant opportunity to teach, train and encourage Christians in giving God the Glory we were created to give him. As an effective worship leader being led by the Holy Spirit skillfully combining biblical truth with music.

She magnifies the worth of God and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Sandra Dee’s goal is to see as we gather to exalt and give glory to God in public worship. That she will motivate the body of believers to join her in proclaiming and cherishing the truth about God. Seeking to live all our life for the Glory of God.


The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will Bless His people with peace

Psalm 29:11


I want to share the time my son (Shaun Billings) was facing death in the intensive care unit. Shaun was riding a bull at a rodeo school and he got hung up and stepped on by the bull. The doctor said your son’s liver has been splattered. By the third day they had sent up chaplains to pray for the family and myself. The doctors wrote on the report that it would be my last visit with my son.
This is where you use that measure of Faith that God has given you to stand. God said that it takes Faith to please him. Sometimes we forget that Faith is a substance of things hoped for and an evidence of things not seen. God is our hope we may not see it but we have to believe it. There’s one thing I know my faith wouldn’t let me do. I would not receive or agree with what they were telling me. I would only agree with the word of God that was coming out of my mouth. After they pronounced my son dead three hours later the doctor come out calling my name with both arms in the air. He said whoever has prayed it worked, go see your son he’s alive drinking milk and eating Jell-O.